Firexo All Fires Sign

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We recommend that you display wall signs for each of your Firexo extinguishers. "ALL FIRES"

The "ALL FIRES" Fire extinguisher signs show that Firexo is safe to use on all categories of fire.

Rigid plastic

Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark)

Exceptional high brightness within the first few minutes

Improved material technology - improved ageing and weathering performance

Conspicuous signs that can be clearly seen and read in total darkness

JALITE AAA material stays brighter for longer than P.S.P.A. Class A materials: expect 3-4 times the luminance performance

Landscape size 105x150mm available

Conform to BS 5378-1, BS 5378-3 and BS 5499-1:2002

These signs are suitable for areas with a regular source of light, as the light will 'charge’ the signs. The signs will then shine bright should the power supply fail

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