PPE Reusable Mask Kit

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PPE reusable kit for work, school, and leisure for everyday use
Pre-packed and sealed, each kit consists of:


1x Tuff Bag case


2x Black Fabric Facemasks

Black Cloth Tie-up Face Covering

Double Lined

Sleeve to insert filter.


Options available for adding your company logo, contact us to find out more

10x Disposable Filters for Fabric Facemasks

Disposable filters for fabric face coverings

1x Pack Of Hand Sterilising Wipes

Cleanses & moisturises leaving skin hygienically clean.

Dermatologically Approved

Alcohol free

Contains Added Moisturiser

With Antibacterial & Antiviral properties.

50ml Bottle Hand Sanitiser Gel

Designed to kill 99% of bacteria and viruses.

This product contains 72% alcohol. CDC recommends a Minimum of 60% alcohol to be effective

Manufactured in UK, in accordance with UK, EU and WHO directives.


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